Apocrypha (December 2011, translated from Serbian in 2022)

Steve Wilson smashing a telePod with telekinesis, somewhere between East London and January 2035
the mind is his hammer is his Lord mellotron his shroud on which he’s leaving a trace in the shape of himself

and in case the ambience should evaporate from that air not so long ago into the future, he stole Barbieri

from a somewhat lower but older throne, possessing qualities close to Wilson’s by many criteria

only with a different scent.

Barbieri is thus there

like a color impermanent dispersed elusive but consistent in its impermanence

which doesn’t diminish its spatial beauty and the power of clinging onto walls pores the future fathers and fireproof seed

while Wilson is swinging with his mind swinging with his hammer with the Lord mellotron is his James Dean

the swing his proclamation

inhale exhale in deliberately short intervals so there’s no time for rest in between

the hammer is his Thor his companion empathizer until the last telePod has fallen with a voiceless scream of a disposable battery, the cause and core of all evils of commercialization and depersonalization

(the Apple is to blame AGAIN)

no, Dave, what are you doing, why are you killing me, forgive them, o central chip, they know not what they do

that is why they do what they do with such persistence thinking maybe we will eventually find out why we do and why we do not do, and understand that passion for the glue that keeps us all tied to the ground and the almost sports-like passion for burying the necessary and digging out the unnecessary

(there he is, standing again at the edge of the pit holding a shovel, after he’s unglued his feet from the first-class linoleum that can easily trick the untrained eyes into taking it for parquet and thus the untrained eyes often cry)

and they are thinking that maybe they will eventually find out if one walks on water with one’s feet or heart and whether one lives with one’s head or feet and whether one destroys with one’s hand or head or is the effect all the same no matter how you look at it and are the only true meaning and purpose indeed in turning it upside-down from case to case from array to array from illusion to illusion, to the answer,

to the feast, and does one look with their soul or their eyes and does one speak with their eyes or words and is the gardener really a gardener and can one just get up walk away after all those nails in plural with that fragile bodily constitution, proudly exclaiming I am the alpha and omega the beginning and the end the hammer and the splashboard and the shroud and the abyss and the user and the interface and the creator and the consumer and the optic cable and the usurper and the start key and the reset command and the question and the answer you cannot get when you ask why you cannot get an answer

Image taken from https://hopelies.com/2011/06/01/you-guys-have-really-come-up-with-somethin-2001-a-space-odyssey/