The King is Dead

The King is dead
Long live the King!
We've cut off his head
Torn out his limbs!
Plucked out his eyes
That finally he may see
So when he should cry
He'll cry inwardly.

We tore out his arms
That finally he may touch
Riches 'yond earthly charms
He once cared for too much.
We hacked off his legs
That finally he may walk
Put them on the pegs
Of the cosmic beanstalk.

We smashed his throat, burned his tongue
That finally he may converse
With the dead, from where they're hung
For his whims, devoid of a hearse.
We took out his heart
That finally he may love
We took it apart
And gave it to doves.

And in the end we chopped off his head
His body bled and bled
Fed the rivers with blood so well
But no tear for him was shed
He now is free, for we gave him wings
His flesh is now the earth's bread
(So sing:) The King is dead!
(So sing:) Long live the King!

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